(Calgary, AB) – July 8, 2013 –  You are invited to come and book a lab tour today!

PERM Inc.’s new laboratory will foster advanced research and development projects for Special Core Analysis, Core Flood Experiments, and help to develop and evaluate Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) methods.

The new laboratory facilities and equipment include:

  • Gas Chromatograph Lab (Liquid Gas Chromatograph for Carbon Number Distribution of Oil up to C120+),
  • Micro-tomography Lab (high resolution scanning with micro-ct scanner for core plugs and cuttings),
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab (fluid saturation in core, T2cutoff, etc)
  • Spinning Drop Video Tensiometer
  • Surface Area & Porosity Analyzer (for tight core, adsorption isotherms, N2 adsorption, CO2 adsorption, etc)
  • Ultracentrifuges (Bitumen Extraction, capillary pressure, etc)
  • Uv-vis spectrophotometer
  • Porous Plate Capillary Pressure System
  • Resistivity & EM Properties
  • Custom Built Core Flooding Equipment for High Pressure & Temperature Core Floods, Relative Permeabilities, etc (for core of all sizes, all types of experiments)
  • and much, much more!!
You are invited to book a lab tour today to view the facilities. Please contact us now!