International Collaborations

PERM Inc. seeks partners to collaborate with in international projects and promotes an inclusion and diversity policy. As such, we are in negotiations with different groups around the world to initiate and promote international projects. Organizations that we are currently collaborating with are listed below.

Current Collaborators

Rock-Oil Consulting Group

Rock-Oil Consulting Group (ROCG) is a consultation company based in Houston, Texas. ROCG provides consultation, performs laboratory experiments, and performs reservoir simulations for lab-scale and field-scale projects. The company has performed analysis and provided field pilot support for many customers in the Middle East, South East Asia, and the USA. Additionally, it has performed complete laboratory and simulation work of many IOR/EOR projects for brownfield pilots (onshore/offshore) mainly based on the injection of water/gas/chemicals to assist oil recovery. ROCG has more than 100 years of total combined experience in designing such field pilots involving pilot location identification, data analysis, designing solutions in the lab, upscale the lab results to field-scale simulation, and deploying the pilot along with detailed monitoring and surveillance plan to measure the success. ROCG also provides specialized software tools used in IOR/EOR screening as well as data analytics with artificial intelligence and machine learning capability.

More Collaborations Coming Soon…