(Calgary, AB) – Monday March 7, 2016 – PERM Inc.  has a booth (Booth #514) and will be presenting at the 2016 GeoConvention in Calgary, AB.   If you plan on attending the GeoConvention 2016, then come on down and check out the talks and stop by and say hello!

PERM Inc. will have a total of 3 presentations at the GeoConvention 2016.

Monday March 7, 2016

Title:                    Modelling Two-Phase Flow in Multi-Mineral Porous Media Using Coupled Level Set-Volume of Fluid (CLSVOF) Method
                 Glen Room 201-202
Time:                   3:50 PM to 4:15 PM

Tuesday March 8, 2016

Title:                    Micro-Scale Simulation of Water Evaporation, Condensation and Transport in Multi-Mineral Porous Media
Room:                  Glen Room 201-202
Time:                   1:50 PM to 2:15 PM

Title:                    Thermal Conductivity Measurements of Bitumen Bearing Reservoir Rock
Room:                   Glen Room 206
Time:                    2:20 PM to 2:40 PM


We look forward to seeing you there. Please get in touch today by emailing us at [email protected] or sending a message on our contact page.