Full Well Density Map from CT Scout Scans

//Full Well Density Map from CT Scout Scans

Full Well Density Map from CT Scout Scans

(Calgary, AB) – December 11, 2013 –   New Method for Full Well Density Mapping with CT Scout Scanning!

PERM Inc. is excited to announce a new method of obtaining accurate Density Maps with millimeter resolution from CT Scout Scans.

This new method is quick (turnaround of ~1-2 days) and is 100% non-intrusive and non-invasive.  It is performed on core that remains in the core tubes and can even be done on frozen core.

In addition to accurate density maps/profile (with LAS file), the client will receive images of the core at 0° and 90°.

All this starting at just $150/meter!



  • Core Images at 0° and 90° for Entire Well
  • Density Map for Entire Well
  • LAS file

Starting at Just $150/meter! PDF Attachment


More Advanced CT Scanning is also available including full 3D reconstruction, density, porosity, bulk mineralogy and fluid saturation.

Contact us today to enquire about the core scanning services.
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