(Calgary, AB) – May 5, 2015 – PERM Inc. has been very busy conducting all sorts of R&D from corefloods, enhanced oil recovery,  special core analysis, along with modeling & simulation.This week PERM’s principals are particularly busy with a lot of presentations (5 presentations!!) at the GeoConvention!If you happen to be in Calgary at the GeoConvention this week, then we would love for you to stop by and see our principals (Dr. Apostolos Kantzas & Dr. Jonathan Bryan) and their FUR research team present some great information at the following talks:

Monday May 4, 2015

Title:                      Pore-Scale Simulations of Haines Jumps during Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media
Room:                   101-102
Time:                     1:25 – 1:50
Info/Abstract:        http://www.geoconvention.com/uploads/2015abstracts/035_GC2015_Pore-Scale_Simulations_of_Haines_Jumps.pdf


Title:                      Study of the Single Phase and Two Phase Flow Properties of the Berea Sand and Oil Sand: A Network Model Study
Room:                   101-102
Time:                     2:15 – 2:40
Info/Abstract:        http://www.geoconvention.com/uploads/2015abstracts/115_GC2015_Study_of_Single_Phase_and_Two_Phase_Flow_Properties.pdf


Title:                      Predicting Physical Properties of Porous Media at Sub-Pore Scales from Natural to Complex Heterogeneous Systems: Applications in tight reservoirs
Room:                   101-102
Time:                     3:50 – 4:15
Info/Abstract:        http://www.geoconvention.com/uploads/2015abstracts/274_GC2015_Predicting_Physical_Properties_of_Porous_Media.pdf


Wednesday May 6, 2015

Title:                      Prediction of Oil Sand Permeability
Room:                   Macleod Hall D
Time:                     9:05 – 9:30
Info/Abstract:        http://www.geoconvention.com/uploads/2015abstracts/121_GC2015_Prediction_of_Oil_Sand_Permeability.pdf


Title:                      Prediction of Thermal Conductivity of Oil Sands Based on Particle Size Distribution
Room:                   Macleod Hall D
Time:                     11:05 – 11:30
Info/Abstract:        http://www.geoconvention.com/uploads/2015abstracts/224_GC2015_Prediction_of_Thermal_Conductivity_of_Oil_Sands.pdf


Feel free to stop by, say hello and ask some questions! We look forward to seeing you there. Please get in touch today by emailing us at info@perminc.com or sending a message on our contact page.