Predicting Physical Properties of Porous Media at Sub-Pore scales from Natural to Complex Heterogeneous Systems: Application in tight reservoirs

Bashtani, F., Taheri, S., Skripkin, E., Kryuchkov, S., Bryan, J., Kantzas, A.

Presented at the GeoConvention 2015, Calgary, AB on May 4, 2015.


The numerical simulation of flow at sub-pore scales in a real natural porous media pattern is of great challenge for engineering and scientific study. However, the pore-scale description is essential in improving our understanding of the flow and transport in porous media. Given a correct representation of pore space we can perform pore-scale numerical calculations that predict all the single phase flow properties in natural porous media patterns which include absolute permeability, thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity, formation factor and NMR spectra. We subsequently perform numerical calculations of immiscible two-phase flow, which is essential in the understanding of the mechanisms involved in hydrocarbon recovery.

An abstract of this paper is available on GeoConvention Online.