Special Core Analysis (SCAL) Laboratory

PERM Inc.’s Special Core Analysis (SCAL) Laboratory is an Advanced Laboratory Conducting Specialized Core Analysis Laboratory Experiments for the Oil & Gas Industry.

PERM Inc.'s Special Core Analysis Laboratory is located in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

SCAL Experts

Our team routinely combines tomographic imaging and NMR technology with special core analysis and enhanced oil recovery laboratory tests. This allows us to gain a deeper insight and visualization into what is occurring during laboratory experiments in a non-invasive manner, even at high temperatures and pressures.

PERM Inc. is one of the foremost experts at characterizing unconventional reservoirs with advanced SCAL tests in full diameter core at reservoir conditions.

SCAL Core Flooding Rigs

Special Core Analysis Overview

PERM Inc. has spent over twenty years developing tools and techniques that are proprietary IP for characterizing conventional and unconventional core. We are very proud of our accomplishments in these areas and we continue to conduct research to allow us to tackle some very challenging issues and bring continuous improvements to the industry.

SCAL Tests:

  • Relative Permeability - Unsteady State or Steady State - Full Diameter, Large Cores
  • Wettability
  • Capillary Pressure
  • Thermal Conductivity (Rock Core & Fluids)
  • Formation Damage Studies
    • Water Compatibility Test
    • Permeability Alteration Test
    • Permeability Regain Test
    • Clay Swelling
    • Acid Tests
    • Wax Removal Tests
    • Asphaltene Elimination Tests
    • Mud Invasion Test
  • Ultracentrifuge / Centrifuge
  • Bitumen & Oil Extraction
  • Surface Area Analysis
  • Adsorption Isotherms
  • Tight Core Analysis
  • Acidizing Evaluation
  • Asphaltene Precipitation
  • Imbibition
  • Mud Invasion Studies
  • Conformance Evaluation
  • Rock/Fluid Interaction
  • Fluid Flow Phenomena
  • In Situ Oil/Bitumen Upgrading
  • Phase Behavior Study
  • Acoustic Velocity
  • Electric & Dielectric Properties
  • Tailings Research

Those Are Just A Few SCAL Services, There Are Plenty More...

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