Coreflood & Enhnaced Oil Recovery (EOR) Laboratory

PERM Inc.’s Coreflooding & Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Laboratory is an Advanced Laboratory Conducting Customized Coreloods & EOR R&D for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Customized Coreflooding capabilities for all core types

Coreflooding Rigs, Custom Designed For Each Project – Large or Small, Any Type, at Reservoir Conditions. In-Situ Saturation Monitoring Available With Our CT Scanners & NMR’s!

Coreflood & EOR Experts

PERM Inc. combines a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to ensure each experiment is properly designed.

We start with the fundamentals and physics and work toward developing procedures and customized rigs & equipment. Non-routine procedures are also available.

We run a custom flood designed to meet your needs and get you the best possible results. We work to fit the needs of the client.

Enhanced Oil Recovery Laboratory Evaluation Studies

Coreflood & EOR Evaluation Overview

PERM has spent over twenty years conducting corefloods and evaluating enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods. Testing is done at reservoir conditions with native full diameter core. We have extensive IP on the design and execution of our experimental work.

Coreflood & Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Tests:

  • Thermal Corefloods
  • Steam Corefloods
  • Water Corefloods
  • Non-Thermal Corefloods
  • Solvent Corefloods
  • Surfactant Corefloods
  • Polymer Corefloods
  • ASP Corefloods
  • Electrical EOR
  • Foam EOR
  • Variable Salinity EOR
  • Immiscible Gas EOR
  • Miscible Gas EOR
  • Acid EOR
  • Improve Recovery Efficiency
  • CBM Corefloods
  • Tight Corefloods
  • Chemical Heavy Oil EOR – Visualization of Emulsion Flow

Those Are Just A Few Coreflood & EOR Services, There Are Plenty More…

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