Joint Industry Projects (JIP) for the Oil & Gas Industry

PERM Inc.’s JIP’s for the Oil & Gas Industry are designed to conduct and share results and costs among multiple producers.

PERM Inc. is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

PERM’s Laboratory is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Joint Industry Projects for Oil & Gas

We understand that research and laboratory tests can be cost-prohibitive and hard to find funding. That is why PERM Inc. is organizing JIP opportunities to study particular projects that will help share both the expense and the results among multiple parties, allowing research to commence that would not get done otherwise.

The Oil & Gas Industry has some specific shared issues that need to be further investigated, and some issues are better tackled in a consortium.

Microscope Image of Oil and Water Emulsion

Joint Industry Projects for Oil & Gas Overview

PERM Inc. is open to launching Joint Industry Projects to study industry issues.

Current JIP Opportunities:

  • JIP to Study Effects of Gases on Thermal Processes in Oilsand and Carbonates
  • Tight Reservoir Exploration (TREX)

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