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Every project and reservoir is different!  Nobody knows this better than PERM. We specialize in developing complex reservoirs, solving reservoir issues and testing EOR technologies in order to maximize production, efficiency and success (profitability).

Our principals bring a unique set of experiences and insight to help you evaluate and test EOR and develop complex projects.  Whether we are helping with reservoir characterization, evaluating EOR for your reservoir, solving reservoir issues that crop up, or planning a pilot or commercial project, we are here to help and have the resources and experience to do the job!  This isn’t just a matter of experience (each reservoir is unique, after all); we go back to first principles (in physics) and when possible run small and affordable lab scale tests to give evidence/proof and data to aid in the decision making process.

The end result? A project that is designed to succeed, based off evidence, proof and real data from YOUR reservoir.

When you hire a PERM Principal, you aren’t just hiring one individual.  You are hiring an entire team (but for much cheaper)!  PERM Principals oversee a very educated and experienced staff  – all of whom are at their disposal and can be called in to help with your project, when needed; From PhD level Physicists and Mathematicians to PhD Reservoir/Petroleum/Chemical/Mechanical (fluid dynamics)/and Electrical Engineers.  Complex problems require a strong multidisciplinary team.

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