Analytical (Core Analysis & Fluids) Laboratory

PERM Inc.’s Analytical Laboratory has a full range of Analytical Fluid Testing Services for the Oil & Gas Industry.

Simulated Distillation by Gas Chromatography

PERM’s Laboratory is located in Calgary, Alberta, and has many specialized analytical tests, including running Carbon Number Distribution from C6 to C120+.

Analytical & SCAL Experts

Our team, headed by Dr. Apostolos Kantzas, routinely combines tomographic imaging and NMR technology with special core analysis and enhanced oil recovery laboratory tests.

PERM Inc. offers many advanced analytical tests on all types of oil, including heavy oil and bitumen.

Spinning Drop Video Tensiometer for Interfacial Tension (IFT) Measurements

Analytical Testing Overview

PERM Inc. has spent over twenty years developing tools and techniques that are proprietary IP for characterizing fluids. We are very proud of our accomplishments in these areas, and we continue to conduct research to allow us to tackle some very challenging issues and bring continuous improvements to the industry.

Analytical Tests:

  • SimDist Carbon Number Distribution C6 to C120+
  • PVT Studies
  • Pore Volume, Porosity and Permeability with Gas
  • Water Saturation (Sw=1, Dean & Stark)
  • Pore Size Distribution
  • Fluid Viscosity Test (High Temperature & Pressure Measurements Available)
  • Fluid Density Test (High Temperature & Pressure Measurements Available)
  • Total Acid Number (TAN) of Fluids
  • Total Base Number (TBN) of Fluids
  • pH & Conductivity
  • Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)
  • Uv-Vis Spetrophotometer
  • Gas GC for Gas Analysis
  • GC-FID
  • Asphaltene Content (C7 Insoluable)
  • ICP
  • Anion Analysis
  • Microscopy of Emulsions
  • ISE NH4
  • Carbonate Ion
  • Surface Tension
  • IFT (Interfacial Tension)
  • Formation Factor
  • Karl Fischer Titration

Those Are Just A Few Analytical Tests, There Are Plenty More…

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