Stress Strain Characterization of Sand Packs Under Uniform Loads as Determined from Computer Assisted Tomography

Kantzas, A.

DOI: 10.2118/97-06-04
Presented at the Sixth Saskatchewan Petroleum Conference held in Regina, Saskatchewan, October 16-18, 1995;
J.Can.Pet.Tech., 36(6), June 1997, Pages 48-52.


The local changes in the density and. porosity of dry sand packs as a function of the imposed overburden were determined using Computer Assisted Tomography. Pressure cycles were imposed on sands with different characteristics. The density and porosity was measured at a resolution of 0.075 cm x 0.075 cm x 0.3 cm. Hysteresis in the density and porosity was observed. The imposed overburden and pore volume changes were translated to stress and strain, respectively. The data was used to calculate material properties such as the bulk compressibility and the formation compaction. The results were compared with information available in the literature. Good agreement was obtained.

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