Reliable Determination of Any Water Content of Bitumen and Vacuum Residua. Applications and Validation by Comparison with Known Methodologies

Carbognania, L., Moini, Araghia B., Berezinskia, J., Carbognani-Arambarria, L., Zalewskia, E., Kantzas, A.

ISSN: 10.1080/10916466.2011.597281
Petroleum Science and Technology 32(5)
January 2014
Pages 610-617


The present study shows how water analysis of bitumen samples produced during in situ combustion or solvent/steam laboratory core flooding experiments is a requisite for a comprehensive understanding of the studied processes. The conceived tetrahydrofuran based Karl Fischer titration technique from a previous study was validated and found advantageous for the purpose, when compared with known azeotropic distillation or nuclear magnetic resonance methodologies.

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