Pressure Fluctuation Analysis of Laboratory Scale Air / Polyethylene Fluidized Beds

Schober, L., Kantzas, A. and Hugo, R.

DOI: 10.1002/cjce.5450820203
Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 82(2), April 2004, Pages 227-235.


Differential pressure fluctuations were studied along the wall of a laboratory scale column filled with a polyethylene resin. Air flow rates to the column were varied in order to examine the changes in wall pressure with respect to superficial gas velocity. Statistical and spectral analysis was used to study the periodic features of column wall pressure measurements in the dense region of a fluidized bed. From the analysis, it is evident that multiple flow regimes exist in the column. These flow regimes are dependent upon the height above the distributor. Results also show a significant peak developing at 1 Hz as superficial gas velocity increases.

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