Bacteriogenic Mineral Plugging

///Bacteriogenic Mineral Plugging
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Bacteriogenic Mineral Plugging

Ferris, F.G., Stehmeier, L.G., Kantzas, A. and Mourits, F.M., Marentette, D.F., Jha, K.

DOI: 10.2118/SS-92-11 & 10.2118/96-08-06 & 10.2118/97-09-07
Paper No.11, presented at the CIM/CANMET Fourth Petroleum Conference held in Regina, Sask., October 7 – 9, 1991;
CIM Paper No. 92-46, presented at the CIM 1992 Technical Conference held in Calgary, Alberta, June 7-10, 1992;
J.Can.Pet.Tech., 35(8), August 1996, Pages 56-61;
J.Can.Pet.Tech., 36(9), September 1997.


A novel permeability reduction process has been developed to control fluid flow in porous media. The procedure generally, involves use of bacteria to actively precipitate calcium carbonate as a mineral plugging and cementing agent. This process may be suitably employed to enhance the recovery of oil from oil reservoirs, cement unconsolidated sand underground, or to control the flow of contaminants in an aquifer.

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