Application of Gamma Camera Imaging and SPECT Systems in Chemical Processes

Kantzas, A., Hamilton, K., Zarabi, T., Bhargava, A., Wright, I., Brook, G. and Chen, J.

DOI: 10.1016/S1385-8947(99)00148-5
1st World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, Buxton, Greater Manchester, UK, April 14-17, 1999;
Chemical Engineering Journal, 77(1-2), April 2000, Pages 19-25.


SPECT imaging systems are used in nuclear medicine for diagnostic imaging of heart, brain, lung and other organ functions. Radio-pharmaceuticals are injected in the blood stream of a patient. The propagation of the radio-pharmaceutical is monitored as a function of position and time using a gamma camera. In many tests, the monitoring occurs in real time. This technique has been extended for use in chemical process monitoring in our laboratory. In particular, a Siemens gamma camera with SPECT capabilities is routinely used for real time tracer studies, radioactive particle tracking and SPECT imaging. The same radio-pharmaceuticals used in medical testing are used for process monitoring. The system has been used in determining hydrodynamic properties of gas/solid and liquid/solid fluidized beds and in visualizing and monitoring of multi-phase flow phenomena in porous media.

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