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In Hydraulic Fracturing why use a high capillary number? Why decrease Surface Tension?

Prachi Asks PERM: Hello, In hydraulic fracturing why it is preferable to use high capillary number in oil recovery system? Why it is preferable to decrease surface tension rather than increase in velocity? Thank you, Prachi Dr. Jonathan Bryan from PERM Answers: Hi Prachi, Thanks for your question. During hydraulic fracturing, the objective of the [...]

2017-12-11T14:21:37+00:00 December 11th, 2017|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Dean Stark Analysis Question Regarding Fluids Collected

Jeremie Asks PERM: Hello, I have one question regarding the Dean Stark Analysis for my oil sands core.  After the analysis, can I get the clean sand, and the oil and the water, so I can perform measurements on them? Or do we loose some fluids in the process? Thank you, Jeremie Dr. Jonathan Bryan [...]

2017-11-27T13:54:19+00:00 November 27th, 2017|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

What rock core size and flow rate should I use for a flow experiment?

Michael Asks PERM: Hello, I have 2 questions: I have chosen to quarry and core my rock samples to a dimension of 10inches in length and 1.5inches in diameter for my flow experiment. But many research workers have used dimensions smaller than mine most frequently they have used 6inches in length and 1.5inches in diameter. [...]

2017-09-26T14:48:41+00:00 September 26th, 2017|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Correlations for Viscosity of Heavy Oil?

Yordi Asks PERM: Hello, In this moment we have many problems with properties of fluid because the oils have high viscosity  (4000 to 10000 cP at Temperature of reservoir). All  equations of viscosity have two parameters (density or API and Temperature) For example the correlation Beal This correlation has application in light oils but in [...]

2017-09-06T14:45:13+00:00 September 6th, 2017|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Relative Permeability Curves for Nanofluids?

Fahad Asks PERM: Hello, Thanks for your assistance, my question is, how can we generate a relative permeability curve during laboratory core flooding tests. Suppose I want to see the effect of nanofluids in altering my core wettability, how can I generate the relative curves for both the base fluid (brine alone) and the nanofluids [...]

2017-12-19T09:39:43+00:00 September 6th, 2017|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Thermal Conductivity Testing Max Temperature Questions

Patrick Asks PERM: Hello, Thank you for the information on thermal conductivity testing. I have a few additional questions  if you don't mind: Can you perform thermal conductivity tests over various temperature ranges, and if so, what is your upper limit for temperature? (The big problem is in testing above 100°C because the connate water [...]

2017-09-06T10:46:15+00:00 September 6th, 2017|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

MICP & Permeability Question?

Stephen Asks PERM: Hello, When conducting MICP analysis, I had always assumed that mercury was the non-wetting phase and air was the wetting phase.  However, it the sample is evacuated of air prior to mercury injection, what is the wetting phase? If the relative permeability to mercury (or HC) is zero at 100% saturation of the [...]

2017-02-27T14:00:31+00:00 February 27th, 2017|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Can two fluids of differing densities mix in porous media?

Fran Asks PERM: Hello, I've been out of school for 40 years but once thought I knew a lot about MVTs (Mississippi Valley Type Lead/Zinc Deposits). We operated under a hypothesis that two fluids were involved: a metalliferous basinal brine and a sulphurous trap in a dolostone 'reef'. However we were constrained to believe that two [...]

2016-12-05T14:09:20+00:00 December 5th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Understanding Wettability Testing Issues for Carbonate and Shale Reservoirs?

Sanja Asks PERM: Hello, I would like to have better understanding on contact angle and wetting properties for both shale and carbonate reservoirs. I am a little unfamiliar with the testing. Can you please advise? Thank you, Sanja Dr. Jonathan Bryan from PERM Answers: Hi Sanja, To get wettability data we can run several different tests. [...]

2016-11-25T15:22:18+00:00 November 25th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

What method of normalization for NMR spectra do you use?

Diana Asks PERM: Hello, Currently, I've been doing experimental tests in low field NMR , and I read in the majority of your papers that in order to negate the effect of differences in amplitude due to sample mass, you apply normalization and I´d like to know which normalization method is the best for this spectra? [...]

2016-07-19T10:29:19+00:00 July 19th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments


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