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Clarifications on the Jamin Effect and Why High Capillary Pressure is Bad for Flow? | Ask PERM

David Asks PERM: Dear Perm, My name is David. I am studying petroleum engineering, and I read the article from your web page about the Jamin effect. At the bottom of the page, it said that we can ask question to you about the subject. I therefore have a question about the article on you web [...]

2016-10-25T11:54:48+00:00 February 17th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Oil Viscosity Selection for Unsteady State Relative Permeability Tests? | Ask PERM

Marko Asks PERM: Hi, I like your site very much and especially the Fundamentals of fluid flow paper. I hope that you can answer me one question regarding the oil viscosity selection for the unsteady state relative permeability measurements at room conditions for the oil/water system. I heard that the general practice for the paraffinic oil [...]

2016-10-25T11:54:48+00:00 February 4th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Ensuring Capillary Contact in Porous Plate Drainage Measurements using Impedance | Ask PERM

Joseph Asks PERM: Dear Sir/Madam, In Drainage Capillary pressure measurements using porous plate, how will you ensure that there is enough/good capillary contact between the core plug sample and porous plate? In most cases labs uses the 2 electrode core holder. And i have heard that if the phase angle of impedance measured across the electrode [...]

2016-01-25T11:35:48+00:00 January 25th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Should Slim Tube Tests Use Reservoir Rock? | Ask PERM

Ehab Asks PERM: My question is related to the Slim Tube Test procedure and here it is; The porous media which fills the coiled tube through it the oil and solvent passes. Should this porous media of the same reservoir rock or not? My thought it is of glass beads or Otawa Sand, is not it? [...]

2016-01-18T12:09:05+00:00 January 18th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

What is the Effect on Trapping of Oil Drop in a Pore Doublet Throat When Oil Viscosity is High? | Ask PERM

Aya asks PERM:  What will happen if viscosity of oil was not equal to viscosity  of water , what is the general effect on trapping of oil drop in a pore doublet throat if the viscosity of oil was large ? -Aya   Dr. Jonathan Bryan from PERM Answers: This is a great question! The [...]

2016-10-25T11:54:48+00:00 January 14th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

2016 Training Course Schedule for Engineers, Geologist and Petrophysicists, etc

(Calgary, AB) - January 13, 2016 - PERM Inc.'s 2016 schedule for training classes is listed below.  These are 2-day courses hosted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that are well suited for Geologists, Engineers and Petrophysicists - or anyone wanting to learn more about reservoirs and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY: Process and Mechanisms [...]

2016-07-19T10:33:36+00:00 January 13th, 2016|Courses|0 Comments

Alberta Grant Subsidizes 66% of Training Program

(Calgary, AB) - January 12, 2016 - PERM Inc. has discovered a grant available from the Alberta government, called the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, that can help subsidize up to 66% of a training program cost (up to $10,000 per year) for Alberta based employees that wish to take additional training.  There is a maximum of $300,000 [...]

2016-01-12T10:24:13+00:00 January 12th, 2016|Courses|0 Comments

General Rules of Thumb for Picking Injection Rates in a Core Flood? | Ask PERM

Binu Asks PERM: Dear sir, I am planning to conduct a core flood experiment using a restored core of 7 cm length, 3 cm diameter, 14% porosity and liquid permeability of 50 mD. The PV of the core is 15 ml. Kindly tell me how to set the injection rate in ml/hr. Is there any rule [...]

2016-01-13T17:34:16+00:00 January 4th, 2016|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

Examples where JBN is Applied on Experimental Data with Constant Rate and Variable Pressure Drops? | Ask PERM

Mamudu Asks PERM: Dear Sir/Madam, Can I get material from you that has detailed work examples where JBN is applied on experimental data with constant rate and variable pressure drops? Thank you for your anticipated assistance. Best Regards, Mamudu   Dr. Jonathan Bryan from PERM Answers: Hello, Are you looking for a workflow of how to [...]

2016-01-13T17:33:51+00:00 December 2nd, 2015|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments

How to Calculate Water Saturation After Trimming a Plug? | Ask PERM

Julie Asks PERM: After re-trimming, is the water saturation just obtained by the subtraction of the volume of the initial plug to the re-trimmed plug? What I mean is,  As, Sw=Vw/Vpore Sw: water saturation Vw: volume of water collected Vpore: pore volume Can we use this formula after retrimming: Sw = (Vw * Vpa) / (Vp*Vpore) [...]

2016-01-13T17:33:21+00:00 September 21st, 2015|Ask PERM (Q&A)|0 Comments


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